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Frequently asked questions

Visibility duration of the details and resume of the applicant in the job advertisement. Customers are recommended to download the resume in your system as the details of the candidate will not be available after the expiry of the response visibility.

We understand hiring Nurses and Healthcare professionals is difficult and taking time at the present moment. To ensure that our customers have a seamless experience with us we have a recruitment support team, they will look for a potential candidate from our database, external database, and social media platform and encourage the potential candidates to apply to the positions. We will also share the candidate profile through email and notify our customers.

To have a wider reach for the job advertisements the team will create graphic images of the job advertisement and post them on 1NURSE social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin.

A dedicated account manager will make sure the customer has all the support they need in making sure the hirings are done with minimal effort. The dedicated account manager will be able to support the following areas,

  • Consultation on hiring challenges and coming out with solutions.
  • Appoint sub-user in the 1NURSE team to create the job ads for the customer in 1NURSE platform.
  • Consultation on hiring campaigns in social media and help with creative design.
  • Consultation on appointing our recruitment partners for important hiring or bulk-hiring.